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  • Daniels Legal Case

    A committed and passionate defender of Aboriginal rights, Harry helped launch the case of Daniels v. Canada in court.

Whitehorse, Yukon) July 20, 2016 – Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada’s (IPAC) National Chief Dwight Dorey has called upon Canada’s First Ministers to consider new legislation to create an Indigenous Natural Resource Revenue Sharing Act as part of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and to support much-needed programs and services after the Supreme Court ruling in Daniels v Canada earlier this year. “I propose that our Prime Minister, our First Ministers, and Parliamentarians give due, fair and full consideration to an Indigenous Natural Resource Revenue Sharing Act—a legislated royalty or levy of one-to-two percent on all revenues generated from natural resource extraction for profit, that will ease the taxpayers’ burden for fast-rising costs in programs and services to Indigenous peoples, now estimated at eight to ten billion dollars annually,” Chief Dorey stated in a presentation at the annual meeting of National Aboriginal (NAO) Leaders and Premiers.   Chief Dorey ...