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  • Daniels Legal Case

    A committed and passionate defender of Aboriginal rights, Harry helped launch the case of Daniels v. Canada in court.

Dwight Dorey, National Chief of the Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada (IPAC), welcomed today’s formal launch, by the Government of Canada, of the independent national Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. “Today’s announcement comes at a heavy price and we must all revere this day as a testament of the resiliency of all families affected by years of tragedies and the hard work of many” Chief Dorey stated. “IPAC is encouraged that the work of Commissioners Marion Buller, Michele Audette, Brian Eyolfson, Marilyn Poitras and Qajaq Robinson, who are responsible for carrying forward on the work of the Inquiry, have the potential to eradicate this national tragedy and give families of missing and murdered loved ones the opportunity to be listened to, receive justice and heal.” Chief Dorey offered support from IPAC’s nine provincial affiliates and committed to doing their part in concert ...