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  • Daniels Legal Case

    A committed and passionate defender of Aboriginal rights, Harry helped launch the case of Daniels v. Canada in court.

Chief Dorey’s Press Conference on the steps of SCC April 14, 2016 (Ottawa, ON) — The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP), which represents Métis and non-status Indians (MNSI) and Southern Labrador Inuit in Canada, welcomed today’s Supreme Court of Canada ruling in the Daniels v. Canada case which found that the Federal Government has Constitutional responsibility for MNSI. CAP agrees with the Supreme Court that today’s decision “will have enormous practical utility” for MNSI people. CAP also agrees with the Supreme Court that the constitutional issue decided today “is all about the federal government’s relationship with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples,” a relationship that has been too often been plagued by avoidance of responsibility. CAP also agrees that today’s decision “guarantees both certainty and accountability.” The Court’s decision marks the ...