Call For Elections: New National Youth Representative

Call For Elections: New National Youth Representative

The election for the new National Youth Representative for the National Youth Council will be at held at the Annual General Assembly on Friday, Sept. 24.

Please ask any youth wishing to submit his or her candidacy, to do so, by sending their Intent to Run for National Youth Representative form to the CAP Office by the September 14, 2015 deadline.

Please download the Intent to Run application form here

Below are the expectations of the NYC Representative as per the NYC Terms of Reference Section 7.4

a)     Shall represent the CAPNYC as a spokesperson, on their behalf

b)     Attend meetings, as assigned

c)      Serve as official representative of the CAPNYC on the CAP Board of Directors

d)     Keep the CAP Board informed of Youth Council activities and provide a youth perspective on all issues affecting youth

e)     With the steering committee, shall evaluate and monitor the CAP youth programming on an ongoing basis

f)      Adhere to the Codes of Conduct

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