CAP/IPAC Partners with the Canadian Diabetes Association

(Ottawa) April 1, 2016 – Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada’s (IPAC) National Chief Dwight Dorey, is pleased to announce their partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA):

“We will be working together with the Canadian Diabetes Association to target Indigenous populations and train facilitators for the Food Skills for Families program, which helps participants gain confidence in the kitchen and teaches healthy eating habits,” said Dorey.

According to Statistics Canada, Indigenous peoples living off-reserve report poorer health compared to non-Indigenous people, which is largely related to higher rates of chronic conditions like diabetes.

The partnership will provide training for Community Facilitators, after which facilitators can deliver the program to organizations and groups within their local area. The aim of the program is to build healthier communities by connecting people in the kitchen, teaching hands-on cooking skills, and making healthy eating easy and affordable.

“We hope that this program will make it easier for individuals and families to make healthier choices, even if they are on a low budget,” concluded Dorey. “We are pleased to partner with the Canadian Diabetes Association to help deliver this important program and we hope that it will help off-reserve Indigenous peoples throughout Canada.”

NOTE: The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) is changing its name to the Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada (IPAC). The transition will continue through the coming months. For further information: CAP announces new name (IPAC)

The Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly of Canada, formally known as the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, is the national voice representing the interests of Métis, status and non-status Indians, and Southern Inuit Indigenous People living off-reserve. Today, over 70% of Indigenous people live off-reserve.


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Article by: CAP Media

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