Creative Leaders Symposium

Creative Leaders Symposium

Economic Prosperity for Aboriginal Peoples: A Hand Up not a Hand Out

The 2015 Aboriginal Economic Prosperity Symposium hosted by the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, provides a venue for Creative Leaders within the Canadian business and labour industries to come together to create new strategies for Aboriginal economic success. The objective of the symposium is to generate a new space for discourse regarding employment of Aboriginal Peoples within mainstream industries and create new entrepreneurial opportunities by fostering potential partnerships.


Creative Leaders Symposium 2015

The Aboriginal population is the fastest growing and youngest segment of the Canadian population.

Between 2001-2006 the Aboriginal population grew four times faster than the non-Aboriginal population, and over the next ten years more than 400,000 Aboriginal Peoples will be seeking employment. There are still obstacles faced by Aboriginal Peoples. In terms of employment, training, education, and housing, Aboriginal Peoples have lower levels of access compared to the non-Aboriginal population. Business and employment levels within the Aboriginal demographic are improving; however, disparities still remain.

Therefore, there is a need to continue advancing Aboriginal business development. Through the 2015 Creative Leaders Symposium we hope to learn from best practices and develop new strategies for Aboriginal business and employment opportunities.

Article by: CAP Media

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