Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Discussion Guide

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is excited to be helping to craft an Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework that will help guide future federal investments and programming.

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is holding regional roundtable engagement sessions across the country. It has also assembled a technical working group that will provide expert advice regarding Indigenous early learning and child care issues. The information gathered from the engagement sessions and working group will then be shared with the Employment and Social Development Canada. The framework development will be a collaborative process.

If are not able to attend a regional roundtable and you wish to respond to any of these questions or have any additional thoughts on Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care, responses can be emailed to or you can send us your thoughts by mail to:

Virginia Gluska
Congress of Aboriginal People
867 St-Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON, K1K 3B1

You can also share your feedback directly with Employment and Social Development Canada at the following link:

The following discussion guide can be used as a source of reference, or used to share input if participants are unable to attend a regional roundtable.

Indigenous ELCC-Discussion Guide-CAP

Article by: CAP Media

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