Job posting: Youth Coordinator

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) is seeking a summer student to work as its Youth Coordinator for the months of July and August 2015. The ideal candidate would have an interest in Aboriginal rights and issues in Canada, specifically relating to Aboriginal Youth. Further, the ideal candidate will be returning to their studies in September 2015.

The Youth Coordinator, Summer Student, shall act as the primary point-person responsible for the planning, execution and delivery of the Congress’ National Youth Council (NYC) Annual Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards as well as the NYC’s Annual Meeting to be held in September 2015.

To achieve these important goals, the Coordinator must work with the National Youth Representative and other CAP Staff. Efficient delivery of project deliverables, effective quality control, clear communication of expectations to stakeholders and upward reporting to senior management are critical responsibilities of a Coordinator.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Organize one (1) National Youth Council (NYC) conference call meeting;
  • Plan and prepare all logistics for the annual pre-AGA NYC meeting and fundraising;
  • Prepare and initiate the call for nominations for the role of National Youth Representative to be voted in at the September 2015 pre-AGA NYC Meeting;
  • Prepare and initiate the call for nominations and selection committee for the annual Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards;
  • Identify a list of potential sources of government and foundation funding for youth council projects and apply to a minimum of one (1) of these programs, with input from the NYC and CAP on project scope;
  • Keep the NYC informed on CAP activities, seeking input on policy and programming on a regular basis;
  • In consultation with the NYC, conduct research on youth issues, youth policy and federal youth initiatives as required by CAP and CAP programming;
  • Update the CAP NYC’s Continuity Binder with new items, including the revised Youth Awards Election process;
  • Keep NYC communication active by updating the website with NYC highlights and posts to the Off-Reserve Aboriginal Youth Facebook Page; and
  • Support the CAP Staff Lead in activating 4Rs Youth Movement within CAP.

Other duties include, but are not limited to, reviewing and arranging appropriate accommodation, transportation, catering, signage, promotional materials, procurement and security related to youth projects. Raise awareness and shares information on Aboriginal youth issues to the NYC; identify potential fundraising opportunities for the NYC outside of the AGA; building relationships with the Elder’s Council in support of connecting youth in their PTOs and also future collaborations; conduct communications activities; and is responsibility to ensure that all youth information on the CAP website is current.

If you are interested please download the job description and application Youth Coordinator.

Deadline is June 19, 2015

Article by: CAP Media

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