National Chief urges party leaders to take part in upcoming debate

National Chief urges party leaders to take part in upcoming debate

October 5, 2015 – Dwight Dorey, newly re-elected National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP), is adding to the call for all political parties to take part in an English-language consortium debate originally scheduled for this Thursday, October 8th. At this time, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says he won’t be participating, while New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair says he won’t take part unless the Conservative Leader is there.
“The priorities of all Aboriginal people in Canada, including non-Status Indians, Metis people and southern Inuit, have been given little, if any, attention in the debates that have taken place so far. Here is another opportunity to explain to a large segment of voters in this country how the party which forms government on October 19th will fulfil its constitutional duties to Aboriginal Peoples,” Chief Dorey stated. “I am urging Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair to reconsider, and take the time to participate in Thursday’s consortium debate so that we may all have complete information on which to base our decisions on Election Day.” As of 2011, over 70 percent of Aboriginal people in Canada live off-reserve.
Referring to the landmark Daniels v Canada case, Chief Dorey added “This is especially significant to CAP in light of the Supreme Court hearing this Thursday regarding the rights of non-Status people. Whatever the outcome, we will need to work with whichever party forms government and we want Aboriginal issues to take a higher place on the national agenda.”

National Chief Dwight Dorey was elected at the Annual General Assembly on September 25, 2015. National Chief Dorey is a Mi’kmaq from Nova Scotia who previously served in the same position with CAP from 2000 to 2006.
Since 1971, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples has represented the interests of off-reserve Status and non-Status Indians, Metis and the Southern Labrador Inuit. CAP is also the national voice for its affiliate organizations who advocate on behalf of Aboriginal people living off-reserve.

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