Grassroots Tour Across Canada

Grassroots Tour Across Canada

In January 2015, Chief Betty Ann Lavallée continues her second Grassroots Engagement tour across Canada.

From Ontario to Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and from Saskatchewan, Yellow Knife, White Horse to PEI, the Chief will be sitting down and speaking with community members about issues important to them.

The Grassroots tour is about connecting communities across Canada with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) to help build a better future for all Aboriginal Peoples. The tour offers the Chief the time and space to listen to what people of all ages have to say, a chance to give feedback and a moment to reflect on the continuing struggle to guarantee rights for all Aboriginal people.

Meeting the Chief, and talking directly to her, is an opportunity for people to speak openly and freely, knowing their voices will be heard. The Grassroots tour is a chance to express daily concerns and interest in issues directly affecting Aboriginal communities. It is a time to share experiences, vent grievances and celebrate successes.

The Chief’s tour is also an opportunity for Aboriginal Peoples to learn about CAP’s commitment to advocating for the rights and interests of all its members ­– off-reserve status and non-status Indians, Métis, and the Inuit of Southern Labrador. The Chief will talk about CAP’s programs and services, as well as current issues such as the case of Daniels v. Canada, which is now before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Come and meet Chief Betty Ann Lavallée and join in the national grassroots movement to raise the voices of Aboriginal Peoples.


“I believe if we take the time to sit down, talk together and learn more about the issues and one another, we all win.” Chief Betty Ann Lavallée


Article by: CAP Media

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