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The Indigenous Voice Vol: 2 # 1

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) is pleased to present the first edition of The Indigenous Voice for 2018. This magazine is dedicated to key Indigenous addressing issues and celebrating the achievements of CAP’s constituency: off-reserve Status & Non-Status Indians, Métis, and the Inuit of Southern Labrador. This current issue

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The Indigenous Voice Magazine 2017

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) is pleased to present its second edition of The Indigenous Voice.

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2017 Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards

Recognizing youth for their achievements

Grassroots Engagement

“I believe if we take the time to sit down, talk together and learn more about the issues and one another, we all win.” past National Chief Betty Ann Lavallée

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The Miykiwan Toolkit

The Miykiwan Toolkit is a tool designed to share knowledge and raise awareness about the impacts of family violence.

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Skills and Employment Training – ASETS

CAP’s employment programs and services provide Aboriginal Peoples the opportunity to gain the skills required to find employment and fill job gaps in sectors experiencing skills and labour shortages.

Aboriginal Youth

Hello! Shé:kon! Tansi! Aii’! Boojhoo! Kwey! Wotziye! Tanshie! Oki! Kwe! Ni’iit! Dalanghl askadung! Eech-Aul-Ih-Al! Aaniin! Tan kahk lu gil! Bonjour!

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Daniels Legal Case

A committed and passionate defender of Aboriginal rights, Harry helped launch the case of Daniels v. Canada in court.

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