The Forgotten People

The Forgotten People

The Forgotten People is the national newsletter of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples. Read what the organization has been doing over the past year, from the AGM in 2014 to the end of the fiscal year 2015.

The Congress has continued to advocate for off-reserve, status and non-status Indians, Southern Inuit of Labrador and Métis Peoples.

Some examples of the Congress’s ongoing advocacy work this year includes:

The Supreme Court of Canada agreed  to hear Daniels v. Canada, a case that may shape the future of this country as much as the Indian Act has shaped its past. The Court’s decision on the case will be delivered later in 2015.

In February, family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women, leaders from National Aboriginal Organizations, Premiers and other senior representatives from the provinces and territories, as well as federal government Ministers, held a Roundtable meeting about violence against Indigenous women and girls. Concurrent with the Roundtable were two other events, a Families Gathering for families to share their experiences and the People’s Gathering for families and friends of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

National Chief Betty Ann Lavallée travelled around the country visiting various Aboriginal communities as part of her National Grassroots Tour.

Read more about the work being done by the Congress in our annual newsletter, The Forgotten People. 

The Forgotten People

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