Addressing issues of homelessness and lack of access to adequate housing among Indigenous peoples.

CAP has produced the Policy Housing Report and Political Accord Housing Report on housing for our constituency in 2019-2020 and are continuing to collect and analyse relevant information to support policy. CAP is also working with CMHC: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation on research development. The key priorities identified within the reports recognize the need to reform the ‘distinctions-based approach’, away from an exclusionary, organization-focused, and membership-focused model, towards an inclusive model that respects off-reserve and non-status Indigenous people on a substantively equitable basis. CAP must also work with CMHC and PTOs to improve data on identifying gaps and need for housing support in the off-reserve and non-status Indigenous population across Canada, acknowledge the need for CAP and PTOs to address the needs of Indigenous people who are not served by other NIOs, and develop an off-reserve and non-status Indigenous Housing Strategy to support community-run housing programs The priorities must also ensure that sustainable funding levels are tied to this strategy to ensure that housing needs are met and well as provide flexibility for PTOs to determine the need criteria and support levels for their respective regions and establish equitable treatment for off-reserve and Non-status Indigenous people.

Conclusion - the important takeaway

Indigenous peoples living off-reserve face higher rates of housing issues such as homelessness and lack of access to adequate housing than Canada’s general population and have been neglected in the distinctions-based approach of the National Housing Strategy.