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Addressing over-representation, discrimination, and inmate safety in the corrections system

  The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is fighting for the rights of Indigenous peoples in contact with the justice system. Priorities include connecting off-reserve Indigenous organizations to programs and funding to serve their communities, ensuring government takes the CAP-Daniels Decision into account on justice issues, incorporating cultural safety into police training (including awareness of UNDRIP, TRC, and the Inquiry’s Calls to Justice), ensuring Gladue reports are accessible and consistent during legal proceedings, and responding to incidents of discriminatory treatment and addressing systemic bias. CAP also focuses on protecting the rights of Indigenous inmates and those reintegrating into communities and promoting access to rehabilitative, community-based, and restorative justice programs.

Conclusion - the important takeaway

Through the CAP-Canada Justice Table, representatives are working with the government of Canada to implement the CAP-Daniels Decision for CAP constituents.